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Yosemite pic by Kevin Barry

Yosemite Valley

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Wendy & Flash

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Kevin, Buzz & Foxy

photo ©Linda Gast
Oil Painting by John Bruce
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Wendy has lived in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the Gold Rush-era town of Mariposa since 1971. Mariposa means “butterfly” in the Spanish language, and is often referred to as the “Gateway to Yosemite,” being located only miles from Yosemite National Park. She and her husband Kevin live on the Round Tuit Ranch with their horses, dogs, and cats.


Wendy and Reno

Wendy & Reno at Surprise Saddle, Ansel Adams Wilderness, in the Yosemite back country


Experience With Youth

She has gathered much experience working with young people, including working in schools at the elementary level for five years, putting on cowboy poetry writing workshops for students in the second through sixth grades, working with teachers and principals to organize an Annual Youth Cowboy Poetry Contest, and helping to present the contest winners performing their poems at the Cannonball Poetry Gathering.

Educational Background

Wendy has a B.A. in Fine Arts and Humanities obtained from San Diego State College, as well as a California Teaching Credential in elementary education.

Experienced Entertainer

Wendy Brown-Barry has entertained at these events:

  • The Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Train
  • Spring Conference - San Joaquin Valley Regional Association of California
  • The Fresno Flats Historical Society
  • The Stevenson Ranch
  • The Carnegie Center for the Arts
  • Nacco Resorts - Campfire Gatherings

Event Organizer

  • Emceed and Organized the Cannonball Cowboy Poetry Gathering (7 yrs.)
  • Co-Founder of Mariposa Mountain Riders, served as first Trail Boss (4 yrs.)
  • Experienced in writing publicity articles and flyers for advertising
  • Established professional contacts with many well-known cowboy poets and musicians such as Pat Richardson, Waddie Mitchell and Mick Vernon
  • Benefactor- Mariposa Arts Council

***If you would like to contact Wendy with inquiries regarding performances, poetry workshops, event organizing, etc., please e-mail Wendy at: wendybrown@sti.net

Wendy at Cannonballphoto ©Linda Gast

Wendy at the Mariposa Cannonball Poetry Gathering

Wendy Citizen of the Week

Wendy was named "Citizen of the Week" for her organizing efforts