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By Wendy Brown-Barry


It's windy on the ridge

Yellow tar weed's all in bloom

Wintertime's a-comin'

And I think it's way too soon.


I'm ridin' on my favorite mare

Reno is her name

Her coat is golden like the grass

With a thick black tail and mane.


The view up here is priceless,

And we have to stop and stare

I love our time together

We're really quite a pair.


Indian Summer is upon us

It's a special time of year

The days are warm and sunny

The nights are crisp and clear.


There's veggies in the garden

Time to harvest one last load

And I think I should get to it

Before it turns off cold.


I'm thinkin' about the woodpile

It's getting kinda low

Better stock some more in

Before it starts to snow.


But it's hard to think about those things

On such a golden day

The crickets chirp a song to me

It says go on and play.


So I ride out on the ridgeline

I enjoy the time alone

I've got a couple of hours to ride

Before returning home.


The dogs are running playfully

Their noses in the air

They're caught up in the moment

Neither seems to have a care.


The leaves are still a healthy green

A few are on the ground

There'll be more color changes

Before they turn to brown.


Deer season's almost over

And they won't have to hide

We share the trails together

And it's lots more safe to ride.


The only problem with the Fall

Is I neglect to do my chores

It's hard to stay inside and work

When I'd rather be outdoors.


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry

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