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Wendy is also available to compose special poems for your personal, private occasions.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and commemorative ceremonies ...

Celebrate the most memorable events of your life, your favorite people (and pets!) with a commisioned poem written JUST FOR YOU and your occasion by Wendy!

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For Nick

“Chief Naiche Eagle”

Here's to a fine pony and a real good friend

His time on earth has come to it's end

So hold his memory close to your heart

And you and he will never part


He was lucky to live a life that was long

And 'till the end he stayed real strong

His P.O.A. blood made him so

Until it was time for him to go


He had a white blanket with large black spots

And was really good at untying knots

With a good sense of humor and inquiring mind

 He could still undo knots, even though he'd gone blind!


He came full circle, and back to a ranch

Where folks knew and loved him and gave him a chance

To live out his days where there was room to roam

He was cared for and ridden and had a good home


So when you remember Nick and smile

Be happy you were there to walk his last mile


In fond memory

by Wendy Brown-Barry


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry









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