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Wendy is also available to compose special poems for your personal, private occasions.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and commemorative ceremonies ...

Celebrate the most memorable events of your life, your favorite people (and pets!) with a commisioned poem written JUST FOR YOU and your occasion by Wendy!

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For Hoby and Stacy

He was born in 1973

Into the Stan Pearce Clan

He gave them joy and happiness

As he grew to be a man.


He and his brother Brandon

Have always been real close

They even lived together for a while

After moving to the coast.


He's also close with all his family

And treats them all real fine

He visits his Aunt Ellen in the rest home

Whenever he has the time.


His sense of humor really shines

He's played tricks on lots of folks

They were an unsuspecting lot

And fell victim to his jokes.


Like the time he put a rubber alligator

Upon his roommate's chest

When he was sleeping soundly

And you can guess the rest


Hoby has the gift of music

And taught himself to play

He has a group called the “Rubber Band”

And they did concerts on the stage.


When he proposed to Stacy

He came up with a plan

That would surely win her over

And make her want him for her man.


He filled her room with red balloons

Except for just one thing:

A white one in the middle

And to it was tied a ring.


Hoby hid within those red ballons

It was a good disguise

When Stacy opened up the door

You can imagine her surprise.


She accepted his proposal

And agreed to be his wife

And begin a new adventure

And together make a life.


Stacy, you got a winner

Who will prove to be some fun

You'll have many laughs , and make new friends

And Hoby is the one:


Who will always be there for you

He's always been that way

He's very tender hearted

And his family often prayed:


That he would meet that right and special girl

And we sure got our wish

We couldn't ask for any better

To join the family's list.


We'll love you like a daughter

And are glad that you're the one

That fell in love with Hoby

And will be marrying our son.


So Good-Luck and Best of Wishes

As you start your brand new life

With blessings from your family

To a special Husband and his Wife!


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry












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