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Wendy is also available to compose special poems for your personal, private occasions.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and commemorative ceremonies ...

Celebrate the most memorable events of your life, your favorite people (and pets!) with a commisioned poem written JUST FOR YOU and your occasion by Wendy!

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Amanda was born to the Wass family in 1987.
She’s the oldest of three children.
She was their bundle sent from Heaven.

With big blue eyes and a gleaming smile,
She filled their lives with joy.
Then along came Erika her sister,
And then Garrett their little boy.

With roots set deep in the country,
They were raised with the ties that bind.
Passed down through generations
Family values that are so hard to find.

Now Amanda has found someone special,
And is eager to share her life
With Jason Edward Lewis
Today they are man and wife.

They met on a casual outing
Monique told Jason to go
Take Amanda, Erika, Gina, and Summer
To see “King Kong” at the show.

That day was the pivotal moment
In Jason and Amanda’s lives.
There was an instant connection
Their worlds became happy and bright.

When Jason began to realize
That she made him a better man,
He made reservations at Charles Street,
And began to develop a plan.

They tricked Jason with a rock that night.
It’s a joke Ed likes to play.
To serve it up on a platter,
And make it look like a juicy filet.

Then over desert at middle booth,
Jason got down on one knee.
He presented the ring and the question,
“Amanda will you please marry me?”

So we’re here today to celebrate
The joining of these two
Sending best wishes and happiness
As you start your lives a new

Brian and Shari married quite young
And so they understand
A love that blossoms early
A love that’s big and grand

They give you both their blessing
They give you both their love
For a life of fun and adventure
A life that’s peaceful like the dove.

You were named after the song Amanda
The light of your Mom and Dad’s life
Now you shine for Jason
As today he makes you his wife.

May your friendship grow strong. May you prosper.
As you travel on your way
And seal it with this moment
On this very special day.

June 30, 2007


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry


















“Wendy- Words can't express how pleased we were with your ‘Generations’ poem. People have called me to tell us how they loved the personal touch we added to Jason and Amanda's wedding. You were a big part!”

Love, Brian & Shari Wass


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