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Billie of The Blue Star

Wendy is also available to compose special poems for your personal, private occasions.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and commemorative ceremonies ...

Celebrate the most memorable events of your life, your favorite people (and pets!) with a commisioned poem written JUST FOR YOU and your occasion by Wendy!

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Billy came to the Blue Star Ranch

Thirteen years ago

Connie got him as a pup

So she could see him grow.


Retriever blood ran through his veins

And you could really tell

'Cause he sure did like to fetch a ball

And he could swim real well.


He had that pretty golden coat

Typical of his breed

His tail had lots of feathers

And he ran with lots of speed.


He liked to run along with Jim

When he went out on his jog

He was loyal to his family

Billy was their special dog.


Connie used to tell him often

That he was the very best!

He was lucky to be loved so much

And I can only guess...


That he was grateful for the life he lived

And the folks who loved him so

He watched over and protected them

Till it was time for him to go.


So close your eyes and see him runnin'

Across those green fields in the sky

If you hold his memory in your heart

Billy will never die.



- Wendy Brown-Barry


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry



















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