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Wendy is also available to compose special poems for your personal, private occasions.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and commemorative ceremonies ...

Celebrate the most memorable events of your life, your favorite people (and pets!) with a commisioned poem written JUST FOR YOU and your occasion by Wendy!

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We've travelled many trails together, my friend Marlene and I

Ridin' horseback through the countyside, between the Earth and Sky

We love our country lifestyle. We like to be outdoors

And when I got my hip replaced, she helped me with my chores


Don't know what I woulda done without her. It was a real tough time

But she helped me to get through it. Glad she's a friend of mine

We're there for one another. We've shared a lot of things

She makes me laugh and keeps me strong, no matter what life brings


There's a saying from the Cowboy's Code that often comes to mind

"She'll do to ride the river with." Those friends are hard to find

She's smart and she is capable of packing her own weight

She knows her way around a horse, and don't mind sharin' gates


She's quite a handy carpenter. You should see the things she's done

An old West bar, a screened-in room, and she's got a real green thumb

Ther'e always lots of flowers, a cantina and a lawn

There's always a lot of groovy sittin' spots, and she's made her own fish pond


Today it is her Birthday, and I'm wishin' her the best

Sieze every day that passes, and enjoy the years that're left

Happy Birthday to you, Girlfriend! Today you're fifty-three

I admire you and I love you. You're a real good friend to me!


March 22, 2008

by Wendy Brown-Barry

© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry









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