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By Wendy Brown-Barry


I never got the chance

To grow up on a ranch

But I sure would've liked the opportunity

To live and work around the wagon

'Til my rear was just a-draggin'

Livin' out upon the prairie wild and free.


But I grew up in another age

Far away from tumbleweeds and sage

Wishin' all the while that I would finally flee

To the big wide open spaces

Where there's lots of quiet places

Where a person can live simply and just be.


Just to live out on the range

Where things are slow to change

Livin' close to Mother Nature and its flow

There was no denyin'

And I had to keep on tryin'

To create a time and place for me to go.


I finally moved out of the city

Never feelin' any pity

To be leavin' that place I used to call my home

To Mariposa in the mountains

where the waterfalls like fountains

Gush from granite walls a-sprayin' foam.


Yosemite's its treasure

Sure gives folks a lot of pleasure

When they see its beauty and its majesty

From the Merced River flowin'

To the Big Trees where they're growin'

To the High Sierra camps in Toulumne.


I've seen them all and wandered

And felt no time was ever squandered

Explorin' this backyard that I call home

With a good horse underneath me

And my dogs along as company

In these mountains I don't ever feel not at home.


So it's here I'm going to stay

Until I'm old and gray

Can't imagine living any other place

Just a-livin' out my time

In this country so sublime

I've finally found the mountains... and my space.


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry







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