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By Wendy Brown-Barry


Attention all you horsemen and mule lovers too

And teamsters with a wagon, be it old or be it new

Come join us on our journey on historic stagecoach roads

Where old time trail blazers used to haul some heavy loads


We'll be rollin' out the wagons soon, and cleanin' up our gear

And people will be gatherin' from places far and near

We'll be dustin' off the Cannonball, and groomin' up the team

And polishing the harness to a rich and glossy sheen


Mounted horsemen will be comin' and meeting up with their friends

And we'll cross Chowchilla Mountain, Mariposa's where it ends

We'll stop for lunch at Cold Springs, spend a night at Darrah School

There'll be stories around the campfire in the evening when it's cool


There'll be cowboy stew and Bar B-Q, there'll be dancing, songs & rhymes

We'll be walking back through history and reliving the olden times

So come on out and join us, and start cleanin' up your gear

And ride with the Pioneer Wagon Train on our Great Big 25th Year!


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry




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