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By Wendy Brown-Barry

Horses come and horses go

But with some your feelings run deeper

They're the ones you got and never sold

They're the one you call The Keeper


They're the ones you ride the river with

The ones that are tried and true

The ones that'll come back when you turn 'em out

And'll stick to you like glue


They come in every color

There's some in every breed

The cutters, and the pullers,

And the runners bred for speed


If you are very lucky

And God smiles down on you

You might be fortunate enough

To own just one or two


'Cause they're mighty hard to come by

Those ones with brains and savvy

They're worth cannot be measured

If you have one in your cavy


Like that quarter horse that sets you up

To rope a running steer

Or those sturdy mountain ponies

That can pack in all your gear


There's those honest ones that you can trust

To pack your kid around

You never have to worry

That your child might hit the ground


The baby sitters of the ranch

Are few and far between

It's good to have a few around

For riders that are green


So if you have a Keeper

I'd like to offer some advice

If someone wants to buy him

Just say, "Naw...No sale at any price."


September 22, 2009



© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry

  1. The Keeper