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By Wendy Brown-Barry


Sittin' in the backyard the sun upon my face

It's just an easy country morning and a slower kind of place

The horses are grazin' around my feet, one cat is in my lap

The other's stretched with the dog just startin' to take a nap.


A hawk is screechin' out in back, the creek is runnin' high

The wind is playin' with my hair and blowin' clouds across the sky

Strider's squirmin' on his back, legs flailin' in the air

Then he rolls those brown eyes to me with that Border Collie stare.


Surrounded by contentedness this early day in spring

I'm appreciatin' country life and the song the bluebird sings

Then my mind begins to wander back to days of long ago

When life was a lot more simple and travel much more slow.


When it might-a taken one whole day to get in and back from town

And you were pressed to get the chores done before the sun goes down

Oh, I'm sure they had their problems, major struggles and some strife

But it's things folks take for granted that made a happy life.


It's “what's the weather gonna be today?” and livin' with the land

It's havin' a good string of horses and becoming a top hand

It's the smell you get behind a rain. It's the mountains, earth, and sky

It's rivers in the springtime and watchin two hawks fly.


It's having one good friend that you can trust, or a colt that shows potential

And possesions at a minimum, except for what's essential

It really does astound me at the things we think we need

Possesions, fame, and fortune come across as so much greed.


When it wasn't very long ago, back in my Grandma's day

When watchin' a litter of Aussie pups a bouncin' 'round at play

Was enough to make ya feel complete and happy with your life

Or those special family picnics, or an understanding wife.


And I start to wondering just how long all this will last

"cause we know what's in the present will someday be in the past

Will these quiet country moments get swallowed up in time

And become a distant memory in some old cowboy rhyme?


Let's hope they last forever. Each one should do their part

To keep alive the country ways, and hold them in their heart

So those that come behind us will have something to pass on

To their children's children in legend, poetry, and song.


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry












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