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By Wendy Brown-Barry


I first saw her at the end of my road

She looked to be nearly wild

Her tail drug the ground

Her mane was in knots

But I could tell she had some style.


She'd run up to the fence, and toss her head

And gaze at me in wonder

Her big brown eyes

And that golden coat

Made my heart beat just like thunder.


She had four straight legs that were black to the knees

With one small sock behind

A black mane and tail

And a dorsal stripe

And I thought to myself: “What a find!”


You see I'd been gone for almost two years

With no horse of my own to ride

There was this longing

Deep in my heart

And an emptiness inside.


It seemed as though she'd been waiting for me

The way she'd gallop up to the gate

Our eyes would meet And i'd speak to her:

“Hi girl, sorry I'm late.”


So, now that mare belongs to me

She moves with a fluid grace

We've become best friends

And my heart swells with pride

She's filled my empty space.


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry





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