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By Wendy Brown-Barry


We left the house real early

Before the sun came up

Both horses in the trailer

And all our camping stuff.


For Granite Creek we headed

To spend some time alone

With the dogs and horses

Where there ain't no telephones.


So with big smiles upon our faces

We headed up the road

Past Jones' little country store

And a rock shaped like a globe.


But we just kept on drivin'

Till we got to Granite Creek

A-way up where the sky's so blue

'Bout seven thousand feet.


The water shone like diamonds

And rushed past with a roar

Sounds of Nature all around us

Oh, who could ask for more?


Jobs, TV and radio

Had all been left behind

Just lookin' for some solitude

And a little piece of mind.


So, with lots of care and forethought

We loaded up our packs

Everything we needed

We carried on our backs.


With horses fully loaded

Two dogs rounding out our team

This time they carried their own packs

They love the campin' scene.


Up Isberg Trail we headed

Through a place they call The Niche

Now the passing's easy

But it used to be a b*tch!


The trail crew had been busy

With dynamite and stuff

To make the crossing better

So it wouldn't be so tough.


The trail wound along the creek

As we struck for Cora Lake

All the time a-wonderin'

What we forgot to take.


But luckily to our surprise

We didn't forget a thing

The flowers all were bloomin'

Up there it was like Spring.


We didn't get to Sadler Lake

That's where we meant to go

So we pitched a tent at Cora

'Cause there was too much snow.


The mosquitos swarmed like buzzards

As they circled overhead

They drove us all bananas

And we wished they all were dead.


But we learned to live among 'em

It became part of the routine

There must be a reason for 'em

In Mother Nature's scheme.


Next morning after breakfast

We struck for Surprise Saddle

Over logs and rocks and snow banks

It really was a battle!


Past old Chetwood Cabin

It's laying on the ground

Some big trees fell upon it

Now that must have been a sound!


Meadows filled with wildflowers

Shooting Stars two feet high

Lots of water all around

And a mighty pretty sky.


When we got atop the ridge

And gazed upon the view

The San Joaquin below us

A vision seen by few.


Lookin' down on an eagle

Oh, what a sight to see

Two hundred feet below us

A-flyin' wild and free.


Minarets across the canyon

Still covered all in snow

The clouds upon our shoulders

The river far below.


We were so awe-inspired

By the hugeness of it all

We gazed around in wonder

Feeling very, very, small.


Two days we spent at Cora

Just goin' with the flow

Enjoyin' outdoor cookin'

And Mother Nature's show.


The time passed all too quickly

And soon we had to go

The horses stepped out smartly

And then we were below.


Leaving snow-capped peaks behind us

The dogs leading with their packs

Lookin' forward to the base camp

And a chance to relax.


The beer was cold and frosty

It went down pretty fine

We cooled off in the creek

And lost all track of time.


A good night's sleep was not to happen

And we had a real scare

At three A.M. we were awakened

By the passing of a bear.


The horse spooked and bolted

Reno tangled in her rope

She got some burns upon her legs

And I could only hope:


That she wouldn't be hurt badly

And that quickly she would heal

The wounds were superficial

And not too big a deal.


So we counted ourselves lucky

As we headed down the hill

With lots of special memories

We carry with us still.


So, if ya need some inspiration

And your spirits need a rise

Forget about the rat race

And try a mountain on for size!


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry








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