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By Wendy Brown-Barry

We call our place The Round Tuit Ranch

You will soon understand why

There are so many things to accomplish

At this rate we'll never die.


I love my husband dearly

But there's one thing I just can't stand

It's all of the unfinished projects

Spread out all over the land.


His mind is always creating

More wonderful projects to do

Landscaping, new deck, a Bar-B-Q spot

And new roads just to name a few.


He has so many ideas inside him

That before one project is done

He's off in a brand new direction

And abandons the unfinished one.


I'd like to see just one finished

Before going on to the next

But the Round Tuit list just gets longer

It's a problem that's got me perplexed.


But you know I really am lucky

My husband isn't a slouch

Watching hours and hours of football

Or spending all day on the couch.


In writing this down I realize

That I'm a pretty lucky gal

I am glad that he has these big bright ideas

And I'm grateful that he is my pal.


April 17, 2007




© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry

  1. The Round Tuit Ranch