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By Wendy Brown-Barry


He's always right there with me

He's the shadow by my side

He's always rough and ready

When it's time to take a ride.


He's my Australian Shepherd

And he's beautiful to see

Blue merle of many colors

Just a runnin' beside me.


He's got one blue eye, and one that's brown

And a little nubbin tail

And when it comes to runnin'

My God, that dog can sail!


His energy is boundless

And he can go on all day

It really doesn't matter

If it's work or if it's play


He's sturdy and he's agile

And he likes to jump and spin

He hauls a pack when we go camping

And he can really swim


He loves to play in water

And jumps up at the hose

He's gregarious and friendly

To everyone he knows.


When our Strider dog got older

And just could not keep up

We started looking all around

And we got Flash a pup.


We chose to call her Foxy

And Flash took to her just fine

They love to play together

That's how they pass the time.


One thing that he especially loves

Is riding in my truck

When he's asked to come along with me

He considers it his luck.


Yes, he's my Aussie Shepherd

And I'm proud to say he's mine

And our love will grow stronger

As we travel on though time.


© Copyright 2010 Wendy Brown-Barry





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